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We are San Diego’s first choices in Eyecare. We have been providing LASIK to San Diego for over 27 years as well as general eye care.
Why Choose to Morris Eye Group? Our practice offers every treatment option available to correcting vision. We offer surgical options and non-surgical options so that our patients, along with the doctor’s advice, have the ability to choose which type of correction is best for them both medically and financially. Morris Eye Group has developed a reputation for excellence in providing quality eye care services to those in San Diego. We are an ophthalmology and optometry practice with over 27 years of service to our patients and the community. Our eye surgeons have the education, experience and expertise to treat those looking to rid of glasses through LASIK as well as the ability to treat many eye diseases including cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. When evaluating a patient for LASIK or other eye surgeries we take the time and use high definition imaging to make sure we are as accurate as possible with our treatments.

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Our mission is to offer multiple treatment options in combination with great customer service so that our patients can achieve their best vision. We are recognized by our patients for our expertise in providing the best quality eyecare with the most advanced technology in friendly atmosphere. From corrective eye procedures such as LASIK and Cataract Surgery, to disease prevention and treatments, the eye doctors at Morris Eye Group have the skill and knowledge to assist all eyecare needs.
We rely on our reputation and the satisfaction of our patients to bring new referrals to our practice. We believe in specialized eye care tailored to the needs to the individual patient. The broad range of services we offer and our commitment to personal attention distinguishes us from other eye care professionals in our region. From LASIK surgery to finding a new pair of prescription glasses, come visit us to see how our outstanding team can help you.

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The eye doctors at Morris Eye Group are focused on providing the best medical eyecare to the San Diego community. Our eye examination included the use of the most advanced technology to aid each eye doctor in providing the most accurate diagnoses, treatments and prescriptions for vision correction. We are living at an exciting time in eye care where every individual has multiple options for vision correction. At Morris Eye Group we evaluate each patient and make the best eye care recommendations based on an individual’s goals and medical needs. Please click on the age range below to know what options are available.

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